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Project Files

Title File Description
Forks PP Avenza MapForks_PP_Avenza.pdf
LWW LIDAR and ImageryLWW_WDFW.zipLWW LIDAR and Imagery for WDFW
Mill Creek GI Planning Aid LetterMCR GI Study, AppXX Functional Planning Aid Letter Env Enh Opp_Draft_2020-09-10.pdfFunctional Planning Aid Letter for Environmental Enhancement Opportunities
Mill Creek Lidar 2021WAMillCreek.tif.zipLiDAR data for Mill Creek (WA) from 2021
Milton-Freewater Levee Project Section 216 Feasibility AppraisalFINAL SECTION 216 MARCH 2019.pdfSection 216 Feasibility Appraisal for the Milton-Freewater Levee Project
NFWW Data2021_NFWWdem.zipLidar and imagery
Nursery Bridge Design HistoryMFWCD Deliverables.zipComprehensive design deliverables as of October 2023
RW Avenza MapRWwoodAvenzaMap.pdf
S Touchet LW Enhancement ConceptPreliminary Plan Set_no aerial_reduced.pdf
SF Touchet Survey BoundarySurveyBoundary.zipSF Touchet Survey Boundary
SFWW Adaptive Management Site 1 PlansSite 1_20220606_signed.pdfSFWW Adaptive Management Site 1 Final Plans
SFWW Adaptive Management Site 2 PlansSite 2_20220606_signed_reduced.pdfSFWW Adaptive Management Site 2 Final Plans
SFWW Screen and Pipe IFBIFB SFWW Screen and Pipe.zipIFB Materials for the SFWW fish screening and irrigation pipeline project
Upper Walla Walla Assessment 60% DraftUWW_Assessment_60Percent_DRAFT.zip60% Draft Deliverable for Upper Walla Walla Assessment
Walla Walla Fisheries Habitat Project Subbasin Prioritization Approach and 5-Year Work Plan September 2016CTUIR_WallaWallaSubbasinPrioritization-5YearWorkPlan_Sept2016.pdfWatershed (River Vision Prioritization Approach) in the Walla Walla Subbasin
Waluula Conceptual Alternatives01_PresentationSlidesMaps_20240125.zipAlternative design concepts for Waluula Floodplain Restoration
Wal˙ula Floodplain Restoration Recon ReportWaluula_ReconReport_FINAL_20230620.pdfPre-design report for the Wal˙ula Floodplain Restoration project
Waluula Merged SurfaceLIDAR2018_Bathy2014_Clip.tif.zipMerged surface composed of the 2018 NIR LiDAR topography and 2014 side-scanning sonar bathymetry
Yellowhawk Creek Barrier Assessment 2010Yellowhawk Barrier Inventory Report 2010.pdfBarrier inventory and assessment of Yellowhawk Creek (Mill Creek) completed in 2010 by the Inland Empire Action Coalition

Image Files

Title File Description

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