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Mill Creek GI Planning Aid LetterMCR GI Study, AppXX Functional Planning Aid Letter Env Enh Opp_Draft_2020-09-10.pdfFunctional Planning Aid Letter for Environmental Enhancement Opportunities
Milton-Freewater Levee Project Section 216 Feasibility AppraisalFINAL SECTION 216 MARCH 2019.pdfSection 216 Feasibility Appraisal for the Milton-Freewater Levee Project
Walla Walla Fisheries Habitat Project Subbasin Prioritization Approach and 5-Year Work Plan September 2016CTUIR_WallaWallaSubbasinPrioritization-5YearWorkPlan_Sept2016.pdfWatershed (River Vision Prioritization Approach) in the Walla Walla Subbasin
Yellowhawk Creek Barrier Assessment 2010Yellowhawk Barrier Inventory Report 2010.pdfBarrier inventory and assessment of Yellowhawk Creek (Mill Creek) completed in 2010 by the Inland Empire Action Coalition

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